Begin by registering an account on the wedding marketplace. Provide the necessary information, your name and contact details, and agree to the platform´s terms and conditions.


Your Dress

Create individual listings for each wedding dress you want to sell. Fill out the required fields such as dress type, designer, size, color, condition (new or used), and any other relevant information. Add the dress images and write a compelling description that highlights its unique features, fabric, embellishments, and any alterations or customizations you have made.

Pricing Strategy

Determine your pricing strategy based on factors such as the dress´s condition, designer, rarity, and market demand. Research similar listings on the marketplace to get an idea of the prevailing prices. It´s essential to set a competitive yet profitable price that attracts buyers.


Communication and Negotiation

Potential buyers may contact you with inquiries or to negotiate the price - you can select the ‘bid allowed’ button when listing your dress. Promptly respond to messages and provide accurate information about the dress. Be open to negotiations but ensure that your final price is fair and aligns with your expectations.

Upload a video of you wearing the dress, or other relevant video of the dress.

Shipping and Logistics

When a buyer purchases a dress from you, she will select a preferred shipping option. Once your dress is purchased, a shipping label will be available for you to print. Ensure that the dress is securely packaged to prevent damage during transit. The UPS and DHL are our preferred shipping partners.


Transaction Completion

Once the buyer receives the dress and confirms their satisfaction, the transaction is considered complete. Ensure you follow any marketplace policies for confirming the completion of a sale or leaving feedback

Customer Service

Provide excellent customer service throughout the process. Respond to queries promptly, address any concerns, and maintain professionalism in your interactions. Positive feedback and customer satisfaction are crucial for building a good reputation on the marketplace.


Be A Dream Maker-List Your Dress Now!

Be a Dream Maker

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